Circadian Pulse is a progressive metal band from Melbourne, Australia. As far as progressive metal bands go, their influences include the usual classic ones such as Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Symphony X. Beyond this, as musicians and music listeners, they have a wide range of influences. Using this classic progressive metal basis and their varied interests and influences as a starting point, their aim is to create music that is eclectic, proficient, conceptually interesting and incorporates some experimentation. The band was formed in early 2008 by bassist Simon D’Alfonso. Apart from a passion for creating and playing this type of music, another motivating factor in forming the band was a desire to contribute to the under-represented progressive metal scene in their native Australia.

In the middle of 2008 guitarist Bzen Byanjankar joined the band and the unit continued to develop material. Seeking a second guitarist, the band was able to secure Stephen Stergiadis around the turn of 2008. 2009 was spent casually rehearsing and working on material whilst trying to complete the band line-up. It took quite some time for the band to find a vocalist, but around the middle of 2010 Adrian Sofia successfully auditioned for the band. Whilst not having a permanent member drummer, with the help of temporary and hired drummers, the band was able to have their first gig in December of 2010 and subsequently gig throughout 2011.

After welcoming keyboardist Dave Holley to the fold yet minus a drummer, the band embarked upon recording their debut EP In The Blink Of An Eye throughout 2012. Slowly but surely the EP was recorded and released in December 2012. Drummer Tommy O joined the band a few months later and with this full line-up 2013 saw the band playing a string of local live shows, including the live launch of their EP.

Following this period Dave, Adrian and Tommy left the band. With development of material for their planned upcoming album very much underway, the remaining members Simon, Steve and Bzen decided to finalise the material and record it. With the music recorded and a drawn out period of searching for a singer, Daniel Viktor stepped in to record vocals on the new album and subsequently joined the band. This new album, titled Elements Of Existence, was released in August 2018.