Failed by a System

Music: D’Alfonso
Lyrics/Vocals: D’Alfonso

Stuck in a bind, downtrodden, fighting time
Losing my way, losing my mind
I cannot believe that this has happened to me

Why did it happen, was I to know?
Should I go on, should I let go?
I cannot believe that you refuse to help me

This misery
Dictates reality

Steadfast and determined
This will not derail me

Holding on to the flame
Searching for salvation

Aching in adversity
Failed by a system

Isolation consumes me
Failed by a system

Faith shattered in how I see
Failed by a system

This is slowly killing me
Failed by a system

Failed by a system

Free from the misery, at last
Back to the path that was once walked
Though things will never be the same
The goals still remain, the game continues

Though now free, a part of this history
Memories, serve to remind
Gradually, moving on discovery
Experience, strength from such trials
Tenacity and spirit will prevail