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Considering this is only 4 songs and 1 interlude of less than 30 minute duration, it is impressive that it does such a thorough job of sounding complete and representative of the band. The Australian scene is on the rise so look out for these guys’ full release that will possibly satisfy most progsters. — Paschallis Mirmigakis (Behind the Veil Webzine)

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New Song – Democratic Dystopia

Just uploaded a copy of our latest demo, titled ‘Democratic Dystopia’. Currently in the process of fitting some lyrics around the song. Enjoy!

download ‘Democratic Dystopia’ demo

2 Responses to “New Song – Democratic Dystopia”

  1. Kora Says:

    Hey! I’m listening to this song as I write this, and I gotta say.
    Great rhythm to it, and I know that with words it’ll be even better!

  2. David Says:

    great stuff

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