Drummers Wanted

Melbourne based progressive metal band CIRCADIAN PULSE need a drummer.

We have a catalogue of demo material and are ready to go. We are looking for a drummer to complete the instrumental lineup.

Double bass drumming, additional percussive components and odd time signatures welcome! 18+ required.

If interested in discussing this further, please contact us.

Screaming Symphony

Thanks to Gary and Peter at Screaming Symphony for playing some of our demo material and mentioning our member search during their last radio segment.

New Demo Material

We have some new demo material recorded. Those interested in listening to it can get in touch.

-2 Members

The band has been dealt a significant blow. Evelyn and Luciano have decided to depart since they feel that they can no longer commit to the band due to other commitments. Nonetheless, the rest of us will persevere and get this band off the ground. At the moment we are recording more demo material and continuing with material development.

As it stands now, we are searching for a:

  • vocalist
  • drummer
  • keyboardist

Musically Incorrect Plug

Thanks to Simon Lukic at Musically Incorrect for mentioning our vocalist search during the last radio segment.

New Song – Democratic Dystopia

Just uploaded a copy of our latest demo, titled ‘Democratic Dystopia’. Currently in the process of fitting some lyrics around the song. Enjoy!

download ‘Democratic Dystopia’ demo

A Quick Update

We are currently recording some demo material and plan to start auditioning vocalists during November.

New Drummer

The search for a drummer ends as we welcome to the band Luciano Alvaro. Luciano has established himself over the last few years as one of Melbourne’s great drumming talents and his addition ensures that Circadian Pulse has a very solid lineup. You can find Luciano on the web at http://www.myspace.com/loochadoremusic.

The Search for a Vocalist Begins

Melbourne based progressive metal band CIRCADIAN PULSE are seeking expressions of interest from vocalists.

Currently consisting of two guitarists, a bassist, a keyboardist and a drummer, we are currently working on material and are looking for a vocalist to complete the lineup. Whilst we are interested in auditioning a range of vocalists, the fact that we are influenced by bands such as Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Queensryche, Symphony X, Threshold and Shadow Gallery might influence your decision to audition. So types of vocalists we could imagine having are Freddy Mercury, James LaBrie, Ray Alder, Russell Allen, Roy Khan, Michael Kiske or the mighty Geoff Tate.

If interested in discussing this further, please contact Simon:

Email / MSN: dream3011@hotmail.com

New Drummer and Guitarist

Circadian Pulse have recently found a new drummer (Adam Di Luzio) and second guitarist (Steve Stergiadis). With a complete instrumental lineup we hope to start making some good progress and will soon start searching for a vocalist.