Steve Stergiadis – Guitar

Steve Stergiadis

Equipment: Guitars – Musicman John Petrucci 6 string and Axis models, Amps – Marshall JVM210H, Mesa Boogie cabinet

Previous/Other Bands: Previous: Anarion, Envenomed, Dark Euphoria. Other: Nemiah

Favourite/Influential Musicians: John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Slash and Mats Haugen

Favourite/Influential Bands: Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Myrath, Metallica, Megadeth, Circus Maximus

Favourite albums of all time: A Pleasant Shade of Grey (Fates Warning), Parallels (Fates Warning), Tales of the Sands (Myrath), Isolate (Circus Maximus)

Favourite songs of all time: Leave the Past Behind (Fates Warning), The Pass (Rush)

Most memorable concerts: Metallica in 1998 (Melbourne), Dream Theater in 2008 (Melbourne), G3 in 2006 (Melbourne). Memorable concerts that he has played: Independence D festival in 2006 (Tokyo, Japan), acoustic set at an in-store appearance at ??? in 2006 (Tokyo, Japan), opening for Edguy at Kryal Castle in ??? (Melbourne), Craigieburn Festival opening for Motorace (on drums) in ??? (Melbourne).